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Personal Protection Training

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ATA Martial Arts is the leading provider in Woodstock, GA of personal protection courses that have been designed by PPT G.E.A.R.™ and Go2FrearmSafety.

classroom firearm safety class

Classroom Training

We are a leading provider of personal protection training courses developed by Go2Firearm Safety.

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Active Shooter Courses

Learn our proven system to be prepared and survive in the event of an Active Shooter situation.

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Take Control Of Your Personal Safety!

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Be the safest person in your community. We provide a positive learning environment for all students no matter your ability level. Don’t be a victim. Take charge of your personal safety by enrolling in one of our courses today.

Learn to Use Firearms in a Safe, Controlled Environment

All of our courses are run by top-quality instructors using the latest methods in firearm safety training. All students will learn the proper way to handle and use a firearm in a structured and controlled environment. Many of our courses will utilize customized safe adaptive Go2FS air pistols as training aids. This offers a safe way to reinforce good habits when it comes to gun threats, retention and self-defense!

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What Our Students Are Saying

Having a feeling of protection is a must

Having a feeling of protection is a must for me, so when I decided to arm myself I asked around and heard Josh Masterson was the guy to go with for firearms training. I recommend you do the same if you are thinking about owning a firearm, always get the proper training. Ken L.

No longer will I be a victim

I grew up in a family that was always against firearms, until I came face to face with a life threatening situation that changed my life forever. No longer will I stand by hoping not to be a victim, now that I am getting educated on firearm safety to have the knowledge and know how to defend myself in every situation. Marcia T.

Available PPT Courses

1Home Invasion Defense (HID®)

Keep YOU and YOUR family SAFE when it matters most. Home Invasion Training that saves lives.

2Urban Tactics & Defense (UTD®)

One of a kind course… From unarmed to armed tactics and defensive strategies that that keeps you safe.

3College Bound Readiness (CBR®)

Keeping OUR communities safe with quality training for college bound students.

4Anti-Carjacking Vehicle Defense (ACVD®)

When YOU least expect it. YOU need to be prepared. Don’t be a Target. Get Trained!

5Threat Assessment Training (TAT®)

Preparation IS Key… PPT is training businesses, churches, colleges, etc. on how to stay safe.

6Active Shooter Response (ASR®)

Time is CRUCIAL in an Active Shooter Event. Learn the G.E.A.R. concepts. Don’t be a victim.

7Abduction & Kidnapping Defense (AKD®)

Human Trafficing, abductions, kidnappings… They are happening EVERY day. Don’t be a target. Get the RIGHT Training!

8Every Day Carry Defense (EDCD®)

Learn valuable LIFE SAVING lessons from unarmed to armed tactics in a safe environment.

9Dry Fire Gun Defense (DFGD®)

Learn to properly utilize a firearm and defend yourself with real-world training. Keep Safe.

10Instructor Certification

PPT offers NINE certification courses for no games training® type of defense instructors.

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Active Shooter Courses

In our Active Shooter Response training we utilize the well-known PPT G.E.A.R. system that teaches this course in a classroom environment with physical drills that teach the key points of an active shooter event. For community members and businesses.

Active Shooter events occur to often and our goal is to educate our community members on what is needed, create a plan of action and drill on the steps utilized by PPT G.E.A.R.

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The next Active Shooter incident is already in progress, but you haven’t heard about it yet.

  • From the first radio call of “Shots Fired” to the last call of “Shooter Down”, the entire incident will likely only be 8 to 12 minutes in duration.
  • The shooter began his meticulous preparation and planning months, sometimes years in advance.
  • The psychological, social and economic consequences of the incident may last decades, even a lifetime.
  • To effectively mitigate the operational risks of workplace violence, and the extreme violence of an Active Shooter Incident, you must adequately anticipate the entire lifecycle of the event.
active shooter situation

man pulling gun

We will begin with the PPT G.E.A.R. Training

  1. To improve your chances of surviving an active shooter event
  2. To increase your ability to aid others in surviving an active shooter event
  3. To provide you with some life-saving techniques to aid injured victims
  4. To equip you with sound strategies to implement in multiple scenarios
  5. To help you properly engage with 911 operators, Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders
  6. To prepare you mentally and physically to reduce the effects of fear and shock

Learning Objectives

  1. Essential Strategies for Surviving an Active Shooter event – G.E.A.R.©
    1. Presentation
    2. Training drills that are safe
  2. The Definition of an Active Shooter and what are the key elements
  3. Types and phases of Active Shooters
  4. Various Case Studies on Active Shooters
man being held at gun point

Classroom Firearm Safety Training

Our company has been training with the renowned Personal Protection Training (PPT) G.E.A.R. which is a leading provider of personal protection training courses, developed by Go2Firearm Safety, Inc. the world’s largest online directory for everything firearms. Offering classes for students, instructors and businesses.

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Student Training For Community Members

Attend one of the following courses:

  1. Dry-Fire Courses (DFC)
  2. Active Shooter Response (ASR)
  3. Home Invasion Course (HIC)
  4. Every Day Carry (EDC)
  5. College Bound Readiness Training (CBR)
gun with a safety lock

hand on holster

Instructor Training

Whether you are a beginner, community member, local business, NRA Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor, or Defense Instructor Go2 Firearm Safety, Inc. offers a full instructor course package to include a business in a box module from a marketing website, curriculum, marketing material, gear and apparel and much more.

We can help get you involved as an Instructor or as an Affiliate for Go2 Firearm Safety, Inc.

  1. Dry-Fire Courses (DFC)
  2. Active Shooter Response (ASR)
  3. Home Invasion Course (HIC)
  4. Every Day Carry (EDC)
  5. College Bound Readiness Training (CBR)


We offer a wide selection of training for local businesses and corporate training.

  • Team Building at your business or at ours
  • Threat Assessment
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Dry-Fire Training
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