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About Our School

Welcome our ATA Martial Arts website and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family. Our martial arts instructor and program directors are standing by to assist you on enrolling into a program that is the perfect fit! ATA Martial Arts is located in beautiful South Cherokee County in Woodstock, Georgia. With a 3300 ft facility there is plenty of training space for each class. ATA Martial Arts offers, pre-school karate kid classes, family martial art classes, and Krav Maga classes and certification. ATA Martial Arts founder Master Jerry D. Driscoll opened the first ATA Martial Arts in Woodstock, GA in 1993 after serving in the military and a long career in Telecommunications. As a 6th Degree Black Belt Master Driscoll operates this one location in Woodstock. Working hard to Make the World Better One Student at a Time and bring the martial arts awareness with members within our community his team has become a “Partners In Education” with River Ridge High School of the local public school system. Thank you for visiting the ATA Martial Arts website and we hope to see you soon!

Instructor/Owner Jerry Driscoll

Welcome to ATA Martial Arts, GA where we have been serving South Cherokee County and North Cobb County since 1993. Our team is standing by to show you our facility and what we have to offer you and your family. I welcome all who want to have fun, get a great workout, learn to defend yourself, in a safe, family atmosphere. I have been teach Martial Arts and Self Defense since 1991 under the ATA and Chief Master Greg Arcemont. I eagerly look forward to meeting you, train and help you to become the best you that you can be.

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Why Join ATA Martial Arts?

Increase Your Attention to Detail

Improve your grades or job performance through increased attention to detail. We help you improve your attention to detail through Martial Arts. In Martial Arts you can use this ability to protect yourself and in the Tournament Circuit, in school improve your grades using an improved attention to detail, and increase your pay and value to your employer via increased attention to detail. Instructors @ ATA Martial Arts are a few of the best instructors in the nation. Certified, certifying, well trained, and active practitioners… all are hand selected by our Master Instructor which makes for a great mentor, coach and instructor for our ATA Martial Arts students. ATA Martial Arts Instructors focus on the training needs of each student, as an individual. Schedule a time to meet an ATA Martial Arts Instructor.

Live Longer and Healthier Through Exercise

Improve your health and live longer for your family and friends through this great form of exercise. Having a program helps us all stick with our exercise plan and improving your health, helping us to live longer! ATA Martial Arts School Our school is unique and offers the perfect blend between traditional and modern martial arts. The ATA Martial Arts training curriculum focus’ on three specific age groups:

  1. Pre-school Karate Kids
  2. Karate Kids
  3. Teens & Adults

ATA Martial Arts offers a variety of specific programs for each age group. Fill out a form today or give us a call Today!

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happy parent with child
Built Her Self-Confidence to a Level We Didn’t Think Was Attainable
December 12, 2018

When our daughter’s school informed us that she was the victim of bullying we were devastated. She is small in stature and suffers from anxiety and depression, so we were extremely worried. Her martial arts teacher consistently used positive verbal reinforcement during her training and built her self-confidence to a level we didn’t think was Continue Reading

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